I help Moms unlock their inner wisdom so they can be the calm, confident guide their son or daughter’s deserve.

In May 2008, I went through the greatest parenting challenge of my life. The eldest of my five children called me from across the country to say he was in trouble…he was failing classes, about to lose his job, and his use of alcohol was totally out of control. 

At the time he was twenty years old. 

When I answered his call for help, I didn’t waste time wondering how it had happened or ask myself, “Why me?!” I knew the way I had parented him and was parenting, contributed to the life-threatening situation he was in and one that I could no longer deny. 

During his spiral through the darkness, I worked with my son to help him find long term sobriety by supporting and encouraging him but never doing for him what he could do for himself. It wasn’t easy, all the while my energy and focus were on discovering and understanding where things between he and I, actually myself and all of my children, could be different/better/healthier/more connected. 

I knew any change in our relationship started with me. And, to this day, it continues with me. So I began to educate myself on how the parent/child relationship really works, in tandem, I slowly made my own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being a priority. That included parenting in a completely different light! Today my kids range from teen to married and my son is more than a decade sober.

In my journey to redefine my role as a mom who would guide, instead of trying to control my kid’s choices and behavior, one who would work hand-in-hand with them instead of trying to dominate the relationship, I was led to research dozens of parenting, self-discovery, and personal growth books and courses. My quest prompted me to return to college to finish a degree in psychology, and it led me to an internship where my greatest responsibility was supporting and encouraging other parents who had teens in outpatient addiction treatment.

In addition, my path has led me to write a memoir about my experience as a mother with a child in the throes of addiction called  Becoming Me While Raising You – A mother’s journey to her self.

Ultimately, my journey took me to a certification in parent coaching through the Jai Institute for Parenting because I believe the quality of the relationship between ourselves and our children is the essence of what it will take to create positive change in the world, not only during our lifetime but for future generations as well. 

Mothers are the emotional barometers in the family. When you are ready, I can help you find what I have found with my own kids…peace, mutual trust and respect, playfulness, camaraderie, and above all else…unconditional love and acceptance

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