Becoming Me While Raising You

Course Outline

  • What are your greatest parenting challenges? 
  • What have you done in the past that has worked? Hasn’t worked? What do you see are the obstacles? How have you contributed to where the relationship is today? 
  • Set personal and parenting goals so we know where we’re headed.
  • Define adolescence, when does it start/end? 
  • What are the major changes in the brain during this time? 
  • Why shifting the way you parent is critical during this stage of development. 
  • Define your personal and family values so you can be sure you are passing these onto your teenager. 
  • Your values feed right into setting boundaries that stick. Discover and create the non-negotiables and areas of choice/flexibility you can provide for your teen’s growing autonomy. 
  • Learn the best method for implementing boundaries that will be adhered to by your teen. 
  • Five ways to create an open dialogue with your teen right now.
  • Seeing your son or daughter as they are, why is this critical during adolescence? 
  • How to build the trust in your connection with your son or daughter, 3 critical components. 
  • Why parenting the way we were parented no longer works and what does.
  • How to help your teenager become more accountable. 
  • When do you step in and fix (help) and when do you allow the natural consequences to be enough? 
  • What every parent needs to know about honing their intuition and using it to parent. 
  • The relationship between outside “noise” and your ability to parent your unique child effectively. 
  • Taking good care of yourself, it’s more than heading to the spa…what self-care really means and how to implement this in your daily life. 
  • Let’s look at how the childhood experience connects to the way you are parenting your children.
  • What is a generational pattern? Which ones do you want to preserve and what do you want to toss out? 
  • We are the manual on which out grandkids will be raised. What does this mean? 
  • What exactly is grace and to whom do I need to look at giving grace to in my life? 
  • How grace comes into parenting teenagers and how to cultivate this practice in your life. 
  • Continuing to educate yourself about adolescent development, how to know when you need more support.