War Room: Prayer is a Powerful Weapon

September 19, 2015

War Room: Prayer is a Powerful Weapon

The way your marriage and family appears on the outside isn't necessarily the same picture behind the pretty front door.  Why would you want to go and see a movie that reflects so accurately the marriage and family life of today?  One simple 4-letter word, HOPE. 

June 16, 2015

Backlash from a blogpost

Sometimes I write blog posts people don't like, and I lose a relationship over it.  While that is never my goal, writing on this site has helped me connect with other people and to live a more authentic life. This week I am using video commentary to enhance my post.

December 11, 2014

Cat & Mouse

Sneakiness begets sneakiness.  The way you approach your teenager is critical to the outcome of their adolescence.  Ideally you have built a solid relationship with your teen  from childhood, but if you haven't it is never to late to start.