WELCOME! I’m so glad you’ve decided to join me…

I AM SO EXCITED you’ve made the decision to work on the relationship with your son and/or daughter and on your relationship with yourself! Whether you are here because you’re currently experiencing tension at home, or proactively trying to learn more about adolescent development as a conscious act of being ahead of the game, you’ve made a positive investment in yourself and in your family life! 

I want to acknowledge you for taking the giant step from fearing or complaining about “the teen years” into learning more about what actually goes on physically, emotionally, and socially for them and you during this time in their life. The key to a smoother ride and ultimately coming out on the other side with a healthy, mutually respectful, loving relationship…one with a young adult who is mature, capable, independent, well-adjusted, and who has the coping skills for when life gets rough is YOU!

I know what you’re thinking…there is SO much work already involved in parenting, why would you even suggest that I have to do more Kim?

The “work” I am asking you to do in the weeks ahead involves reflecting on and sharing your own childhood, remembering what it was like to be a teenager, and understanding your son or daughter is internalizing what they see and hear every day as their brain is going through MASSIVE change.  

Your work in this course will integrate the stories, beliefs, values, and overall impression of your own adolescent years and how your parents responded to you in order to become a more conscious parent for your teen from this moment forward.

In the seven modules ahead we are going to work with the past, present, and future of your life experience so that we can shift your mindset from one where you feel compelled to parent over your child during these critical years, into parenting with your child.  

Man, I will tell you, those four little letters can TOTALLY change the outcome…for the parent/child relationship you have now, and for future generations of your family as your kids grow up and have their own kids, and so on…the work you are going to do during this course has the power to change generations of patterns that have at times left us unable to raise our kids without feeling anxious, frustrated, disappointed, and sometimes even overwhelmed.

I am excited to take you through this program because I KNOW at the other end is a stronger, deeper, more peaceful, in essence, healthier parent/child relationship and home life waiting for you!

Before we begin the first module, it is important for you to take the time to set your intentions and goals for what you want to experience at the end of our work together.  Go to the PDF worksheet under the Introduction, print it out, and take a few minutes to thoughtfully fill it in before heading to Module 1.

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