How it Works

One-On-One Coaching

You may feel more comfortable going through the course in a more private setting (on Zoom). My one-on-one coaching lasts 3 months, where we go through the material more slowly, more intensely, with more time for practice and personal feedback from me.

Small Groups Coaching

In this format, we meet in groups on Zoom, and go through the same course material in 8 weeks. This is a great option if you are OK sharing with others your journey. This course is faster paced than the one-one-one option (8 weeks vs. 3 months), but we do cover the exact same material.

Self-Paced Online Course

If you’d feel more comfortable going through the course material in a private manner, this is the option for you. Take your time during this self-paced version of my course curriculum.


Becoming Me While Raising You

Course Outline

  • What are your greatest parenting challenges? 
  • What have you done in the past that has worked? Hasn’t worked? What do you see are the obstacles? How have you contributed to where the relationship is today? 
  • Set personal and parenting goals so we know where we’re headed.
  • Define adolescence, when does it start/end? 
  • What are the major changes in the brain during this time? 
  • Why shifting the way you parent is critical during this stage of development. 
  • Define your personal and family values so you can be sure you are passing these onto your teenager. 
  • Your values feed right into setting boundaries that stick. Discover and create the non-negotiables and areas of choice/flexibility you can provide for your teen’s growing autonomy. 
  • Learn the best method for implementing boundaries that will be adhered to by your teen. 
  • Five ways to create an open dialogue with your teen right now.
  • Seeing your son or daughter as they are, why is this critical during adolescence? 
  • How to build the trust in your connection with your son or daughter, 3 critical components. 
  • Why parenting the way we were parented no longer works and what does.
  • How to help your teenager become more accountable. 
  • When do you step in and fix (help) and when do you allow the natural consequences to be enough? 
  • What every parent needs to know about honing their intuition and using it to parent. 
  • The relationship between outside “noise” and your ability to parent your unique child effectively. 
  • Taking good care of yourself, it’s more than heading to the spa…what self-care really means and how to implement this in your daily life. 
  • Let’s look at how the childhood experience connects to the way you are parenting your children.
  • What is a generational pattern? Which ones do you want to preserve and what do you want to toss out? 
  • We are the manual on which out grandkids will be raised. What does this mean? 
  • What exactly is grace and to whom do I need to look at giving grace to in my life? 
  • How grace comes into parenting teenagers and how to cultivate this practice in your life. 
  • Continuing to educate yourself about adolescent development, how to know when you need more support.

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