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Building Communication & Connection with Your Older Teen or Young Adult

Do you struggle to communicate effectively with your older teen or young adult? This video is for you! Learn 5 important skills to build healthy communication starting today!

Investment: $99.00

Creating Independence: Setting Boundaries with Your Teen or Young Adult

One of the greatest parenting challenges moms and dads of 18-25-year-olds come to me with is setting boundaries.

Do you struggle with this too?

Investment: $99.00

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When boundaries are too strict, there is pushback. When there are no boundaries, parents often end up feeling resentful or taken advantage of.

Do you want to learn how to set effective, confident boundaries with the teen or young adult in your life?

If the answer is YES, this 2-part video series will give you immediate access to everything I know and have used with the families I’ve coached to set boundaries that stick.

In addition, you will get the Family Living Agreement PDF which will give you a step-by-step outline to use to guide you in sitting down with your son or daughter to work with one another on this important aspect of the parent/child relationship during the transition to independent adulthood.

Topics include: substance use, curfew, overnight guests, work/school boundaries, housework responsibilities, car/insurance/phone guidelines.

This series is suitable for parents of 16-30-year-olds. Buy the package today and stop white knuckling it through the adolescent years when it comes to setting boundaries with your kids.

Video Course Bundle

PURCHASE THE TWO VIDEO SETS TOGETHER to receive the most helpful information, strategies, and exercises for creating healthy communication, connection and setting boundaries with your teen or young adult in one bundle.
Investment: $159.99

The Empowered Moms Group

These easy-access, parent group coaching calls will allow you to get quick education and support on relevant parenting topics.

$49.99/month (note: this fee is an auto renewal but can be cancelled at any time under the subscriptions tab).

I can’t wait for you to join me on Zoom!

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These easy-access, parent group coaching calls will allow you to get quick education and support on relevant parenting topics like…how to create healthy communication with your young adult, when to set boundaries and how to do that, rebuilding trust, figuring out if there’s when to help or fix it and when to stay out of the way, how to take care of YOUR emotional health as you parent through the emerging adult years. We talk through all sorts of issues!

Get coaching on your parenting challenges on a first come, first served basis during every call. You will also learn from other parents who are being coached.

Calls take place on Zoom Fridays from 12p-1p Central Time or Tuesday evenings Central Time 7:30-8:30 PM. No matter how often you join, it’s a low-cost way to get the parenting support you’re looking for!

The help you need as well as camaraderie with other like-minded moms in the same stage of life!

Bring your questions and challenges to the call and I’ll support you with sage guidance and professional resources.

1:1 Coaching

Kim’s individual extended parent coaching package is for parents who are ready to set goals and create change in their parenting and family relationships.

Investment: $2,499.00

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If you are in the midst of raising an older teen or twenty-something and you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, this is the option to help you move forward.

Get on Kim’s calendar for four weekly Zoom sessions. This is concentrated support and we will begin by defining your parenting goals and working through the obstacles that have brought you to the current situation in order to create positive change. We will discuss emotional blocks, strategies, and resources based on your needs. You will have the support to carry out the changes you wish to make in between your sessions.

Some of the issues parents come to sessions with include: creating personal boundaries with their young adult living at home, learning when to help and when to let the natural consequences teach the lesson, where and how to draw the line on financial support, creating healthier communication between you and your young adult.

Kim will meet with you four (4) consecutive weeks for 50 minutes of targeted emotional support and strategy with 6 monthly check-in calls thereafter. Email support in between sessions.

Commit to one month of targeted focus and make your parenting challenges your top priority! Stop white knuckling it through the problem hoping it will change, become the positive forward motion you seek!

You didn’t get here overnight, but you can create change starting today.

HELP RIGHT NOW Single Coaching Session

Parents Navigating Mental Health Challenges

Do you have a parenting problem you need guidance on right now? Are you looking for a calm, wise, sounding board and a strategy session with takeaways?

Join Kim on Zoom for a productive 90-minute session to discuss and work through the challenge at hand. Leave with an action plan and resources.

Investment: $599.00

Buy Kim’s Book

Kim’s personal parenting journey, published in 2021, is an Amazon #1 New Release available FREE on Kindle and in paperback for $9.99, you can purchase it through this link.

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